Summertime Essentials for Baby

Whether you are expecting a summer baby or simply preparing for your baby’s first summer, there are a few summertime essentials for baby you will need to grab. These items are the things you will want to have on hand to ensure that both you and your baby have a fun and safe summer.

Summertime Essentials for Baby

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Let’s start with probably the most important summertime essential for baby… sunscreen! The last thing you want during the summer is a sunburnt baby. Not only is that bad for her skin, but we shouldn’t allow that to happen since he or she would not understand why there was pain. We don’t want our babies in pain 🙁

Instead, use an infant sunscreen to keep him or her from being burnt first, and be sure to reapply it often.

I personally love the brands Badger and  ThinkBabybecause they are safe and effective for your baby. Not only that but both sunscreens are natural mineral sunscreens that are reef friendly, and water resistant. I actually use them myself 🙂

Get your Badger Sunscreen

Badger SPF 40 Baby Reef Safe Natural Mineral Sunscreen Cream with Clear Zinc Oxide, Broad Spectrum & Water Resistant, Chamomile, 2.9 Fl Oz

Get your Think Baby Sunscreen

Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen Lotion, Dermatologist Recommended, Original Formula

I have another absolute favorite that is a God send. My son does not like me putting sunscreen on his face, so this BOB KIDS brush has come in clutch. He loves it, and so do I! I can throw it in my purse, or even my pocket, and it brushes on in seconds.

BOB KIDS SPF 30 Brush On Mineral Powder Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant 80 Mins, Easy to Apply for Kids and Babies, Mfg in USA

Swim Diapers

If your baby will be climbing in the pool, you won’t want them to be wearing regular diapers. Regular diapers puff up badly and generally fall apart. Instead, grab some swim diapers. These diapers are made for swimming, and as such, they won’t fall apart in the same way regular disposables will.

My favorite is Huggies Lil Swimmers! 

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers, X-Small (7lb-18lb.), 12-Count

Lightweight Receiving Blankets

During the warmer months, you will not want your baby to use heavy receiving blankets. Instead, opt to use lightweight receiving blankets. This will keep your baby from overheating when the temperatures are high.

You can’t go wrong with a Muslin blanket.

Here is my top pick

Konssy 3 Pack Muslin Swaddle Blankets for Unisex, Newborn Receiving Blanket, Large 47 x 47 inches, Soft Breathable Muslin Baby Swaddles for Boys & Girls

Sun Shade

If you and your baby will be outdoors much this summer, consider picking up a sunshade or a canopy. Make sure it’s large enough to give you a decently sized shaded area. Doing so will provide you with a shaded area to sit with the baby, so he or she is not in direct sun or direct heat. This can help prevent overheating and help prevent sunburn for both of you.

We have the California Beach Co. portable playpen with canopy, and it’s extremely convenient!! It’s easy to break down and set up, protects him from the sun, and he has a blast hanging out in there! It’s super easy to travel with, and store away!

Summertime Essentials for Baby - Shade

Car Window Shade

The sunshade isn’t the only shade-producing item you want to consider. If your car is sitting in the sun for any amount of time, consider placing a car window sunshade in the windows that are directly next to your baby’s car seat. This will help keep the car seat from getting excessively hot on your baby’s skin.

When you purchase your car shade, try to get one that blocks up to 99% of UV rays. This will give you the best result and the strongest sun blocking available.

I recommend the Kinder Fluff Car Window Sun Shades that I found on Amazon. They do the trick and aren’t overpriced.

Car Window Shade XL (4-Pack) - Extra Protective UPF 50+ Protection Sun Shade for Car Window - Car Window Shades for Baby and Kids - Blocks Over 99% of Harmful UV Rays - Strong Static Cling - 21”x14”

Infant Sunglasses

Bright sun is harsh on little eyes. Because of this, consider using infant sunglasses to protect them from those rays somewhat. Most infant sunglasses are not really rated well for actual sun protection. Keeping this in mind, you will still want to use things such as a canopy and whatever else you have nearby to protect your baby from the sun.

I don’t have a link, but we got a pair for Atlas at Target. They look like mini Ray Bans, and fit him nicely. For size reference, he’s 8 months old and 20 lbs.  Amazon seems to have lots to choose from, too!

Vintage - W110mm (Bk + Teal 2 Pack), Classic,vintage


As an alternative to sunglasses, using a sunhat with a visor can also protect their eyes and face from harsh rays. You will want to try to find one with a full hat portion that will protect the top of their head so you can be sure this area of their body is covered. The top of your head is very sensitive to the sun and can sunburn quite easily.

If you have an infant who does not like to keep sunglasses on their face, this option may be the better choice for you. A hat is easily removed, but they are usually harder to remove than sunglasses. No matter which option you choose, your baby is sure to look adorable while you try!

H&M and Target have so many cute options, but most bucket hats are too large for my baby right now. There’s also a really cute one from Amazon made for babies 0-6 months old! It comes in a bunch of different colors, too!

Baby Sun Hat Smile Face Toddler UPF 50+ Sun Protective Bucket hat Nice Beach hat for Baby Girl boy Adjustable Cap Pink

Battery-Operated Fan

Again, spending time outdoors in strong heat can be hard on your infant. Infants do not know how to regulate their body temperature, leading to overheating and heat illnesses very quickly.

To help combat this, using a small battery-operated fan on the low setting can help. Be sure to place the fan well out of the reach of tiny fingers and that you do not use the high setting unless it is absolutely necessary.

Ideally, you would want to clip it several feet away from the baby but close enough that he or she could still benefit from the breeze it provides.

My personal recommendation is the SmartDevil Stroller Fan. This one is so convenient because it has three fan speeds, is super quiet, and is a flexible tripod. So you can basically adjust it to use anywhere.

SmartDevil Portable Clip on Stroller Fan, 3000mAh for Baby, 3 Speed Battery Operated Personal Desk Fan with Flexible Tripod, Mini Handheld Fan for Car Seat, Treadmill, Camping (Black)

I love this fan. I actually got two for Disney. One to blow on him, and one to blow on me haha! There are lots of colors to choose from. PS, if you’re also a Disney mom, you need a neck fan STAT!

FrSara Neck Fan, Portable Fan Strong Wind, Adjustable, 360° Cooling, Super Quiet, No Blade Fan Design, No Hair Twisting, Even Air Volume On Both Sides, Non-Slip Material, Short Charging, Long Use Time

Baby Carrier

If you use a baby carrier to keep your baby strapped to your chest, be sure it is made of a material that will breathe well. Again, a material that does not breathe well could easily lead to your infant overheating. Try to find one that is made mainly of cotton since cotton breathes very well.

I like the Baby Bjorn because it has the mesh, is durable, and can hold up to 33 lbs. It’s a heftier price, but the quality and functionality makes it worth it.

BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition, Mesh, Black, One Size (098025US)(Pack of 1)

WRAPPING UP: Summertime Essentials for Baby

So there are the TOP summertime essentials for baby! Protecting your baby from heat and sun is so incredibly important. Because they are so tiny, their bodies can not regulate their own body heat on their own, and they rely on you to do it for them. Do not forget to watch them for dehydration as well. Babies can become dehydrated very quickly if they are not monitored for this carefully.


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