You just found out you’re pregnant, and are going to be a mom. Congratulations! You’re about to embark on a brand new chapter in your life, which is so exciting… and overwhelming.


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Pregnancy can be an amazing journey to experience but it also can come with many discomforts, challenges, and sooooooo many questions. I don’t think I’ve ever used Google so much in my life… well during pregnancy, and the first year of my son’s life 😉

With the right supplies, you can be ready to deal with some of the most common issues that come along with pregnancy and get the most out of the experience. These pregnancy must-haves will help every step of the way. Let’s break down the ultimate list of pregnancy items!

Pregnancy Pillow

First up is a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy can be incredibly uncomfortable and getting sleep after your body has really changed shape can be nearly impossible many nights.

Having a variety of pillows allows you to adjust your sleeping position to help create an incline when heartburn becomes an issue. I found this most helpful if I had to stay elevated or needed to rest my body at a weird angle.

For the first and some of the second trimester, I used a wedge. A wedge can be great for taking pressure off your belly. To help keep your hips aligned to help with hip and back pain you can use a pillow between your knees.

I actually use mine still til this day!  Sometimes my husband and I fight over who gets to use it haha. So, it goes far beyond pregnancy use.

Check out the pregnancy wedge here

hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Belly Support | Maternity Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy | Belly Wedge Pillow | Pregnancy Wedge Pillows Back Support

Many women have great success with a curved pregnancy body pillow that allows them to wrap the pillow around themselves to create a comfortable cocoon. I will be honest with you, the first trimester I tried to sleep with a pregnancy pillow and didn’t understand the hype.

It wasn’t all that comfortable, and it was bulky on the bed. Come end of second trimester though, the pregnancy pillow became my best friend. It was the ONLY way I could get sleep.

As your belly grows, you need more support, and this will do just that. My dog liked it too lol!! Every time I would get up to go to the bathroom at night, I would come back to her curled up in it.


Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillows, U-Shape Full Body Pillow – Cooling Cover Grey – Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping – Body Pillows for Adults, Maternity Pillow and Pregnancy Must Haves

A large body pillow or wedge can be just the ticket to a good night’s sleep and can be used for positioning after pregnancy as well. Go snag you a wedge and pregnancy pillow and you can thank me later.

Support Belt

The body may be designed to support a pregnancy but that doesn’t mean it feels too great. To help with back and hip pain you can use a pregnancy support belt. This will help redistribute some of the weight of your belly helping you keep your balance and reduce strain on your hips and spine.

Another great option is to use kinesiology tape to create support for your belly and back without all of the extra weight and hot fabric that can be uncomfortable in a hot summer pregnancy.


AZMED Maternity Belly Band for Pregnant Women - Pregnancy Must Haves Belly Support Band for Abdomen, Pelvic, Waist, Back - All Stages of Pregnancy & Postpartum Belly Band (Beige) - Pregnant Mom Gifts

Magnesium Spray

I had the worst restless legs. Turns out I was anemic and iron pills did the trick, but before that it was brutal. There were three things that helped. Magnesium spray, Burt’s Bees peppermint lotion, compression socks and stretching… lots and lots of stretching.

If you are low on magnesium, it can actually cause a lot of problems like lack of sleep and cramps. A lot of times restless leg syndrome can be caused by a magnesium deficiency. So sometimes all it takes is a good dose of magnesium to get your restless legs to finally rest. I HIGHLY recommend magensium spray at any stage in your life.

FUN FACT: If you spray the magnesium and it stings your skin a little, it’s because your body is magnesium depleted. Becaues of this, your pores are opening up as quick as possible to absorb the magnesium.


Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray Bottle of Pure Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride - Topical Magnesium Supplement for Skin Application and Dermal Absorption (8oz)


Burt's Bees Mama Soothing Leg & Foot Cream, for immediate soothing relief, with coconut and peppermint oil, 100ml


COOLOVER Copper Compression Socks for Women and Men(6 Pairs)-Best Support for Running, Athletic, Nursing, Travel

Comfortable Clothes

In the beginning of your pregnancy, you can get away with things like taking your partner’s shirts and sweatpants for comfy clothes to wear but as your belly grows you will want to invest in a few good pieces of maternity clothing that fit well and look good. Look for soft stretchy fabrics that have room for your belly to grow and are not restricting.

I had the hardest time buying maternity clothes knowing they would only be used for such a brief amount of time. What I did was try to make sure the clothes I got were cheap but cute OR clothes I could use AFTER pregnancy…and I have to say, I did a pretty darn good job.

Here are my go-to pregnancy shopping spots:

I found most of my deals on Amazon, good jeans and top on Gap, and some trendier clothes on Asos.

Also, I know they are pricey, but the Lululemon’s Align leggings are THE BEST leggings to invest in for pregnancy and postpartum. I wore them my entire pregnancy, and they hardly stretched. I still wear mine til this day (going on four years). I’ll link below the shops I shopped at and my entire Amazon pregnancy wardrobe below for you.

Asos.comGapLululemon AlignCarly Jean Los Angeles

And here is my full Amazon list!

Water bottle

While you are making dozens of trips to the bathroom you are also likely to be very thirsty. A large water bottle you can take around with you is a great way to keep water on hand and ready wherever you go so you can keep hydrated.

This is important so your baby can have enough fluid around it in the womb for the development of limbs and lungs. Here is a fun one that helps make sure you get all of your water in:

Here is a fun water bottle that will remind you when it’s time to drink more water! 

PASER One-Step Drinking Bottle 32 OZ Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker, Straw & Strap - PCTG BPA Free Non-Toxic Leakproof 1 Liter Sports Water Bottles for Yoga Running Camping, Sky-Blue/Pink

Healthy snacks

When you are pregnant you are almost always hungry. This is of course totally normal and you can help keep your hunger under control by packing healthy snacks when you leave the house. Keep healthy snacks near where you sleep to eat if you find yourself hungry in the morning before you get out of bed. A light snack can help prevent morning sickness in many women.

For a filling healthy option pair a protein like a nut butter with a complex carb like fruits and vegetables. Trail mix makes a great on-the-go pregnancy snack. I had gestational diabetes, so had to really watch what I ate. These snacks kept my blood sugar stabilized and were still really tasty snacks.

My top pregnancy snacks were:

CHOMPS Jerky Snack Sticks - Non-GMO Gluten Sugar Free 100 Calorie Snacks - Paleo and Keto Friendly - Whole30 Approved - Pack of 10 (Original Beef)

Prenatal vitamins

Ideally, you will start a prenatal vitamin before you become pregnant or as soon as you discover your pregnancy. This helps to provide your body and your baby with everything they need to stay healthy and for your baby to grow and thrive. You should look for a prenatal vitamin with a DHA supplement for healthy brain development.

I had a very hard time during my 1st trimester, and could not stomach pills. I tried…I failed. It had to be in gummy form, and the only one I felt comfortable taking was the Smarty Pants brand. Once Atlas is a little older, I will give him the kids vitamins from this brand.

It’s really great, and you can put it on autoship, so you never run out or have to think about it. Pregnancy brain is real, so not having to worry about remember to get my prenatals was great. I got mine through Amazon, but I believe you can get them from Target, as well.


SmartyPants Prenatal Vitamins for Women with DHA and Folate - Daily Gummy Multivitamin: Vitamin C, B12, D3, Zinc for Immunity & Omega 3 Fish Oil, 80 Count (20 Day Supply)

Pregnancy Journal

My son is 16 months, and there are already things I forgot about pregnancy. I remember being pregnant though and thinking how I always want to remember all of the changes.

There are SO many changes each month, each week…heck each day even! It’s fun to look back and remember what you were craving, the first time you felt your baby kick, how you felt when you saw your first ultrasound, etc.

This is something I didn’t do and desperately wish I would have. You are only pregnant for a small glimpse in your life, and it’s quite an experience. Make sure to document it all. 

This one has great reviews, and what I will be buying if we have another baby


Growing You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal and Memory Book for Mom and Baby

Lotion or body oil

Keeping your skin hydrated will help reduce stretch marks and help your skin bounce back after your pregnancy is over. Use plenty of lotion or body butter on your belly, breasts, and hips to help retain elasticity and prevent the common itchy skin that comes along with natural stretching.

I switched between BioOil and Burts Bees my pregnancy and never got itchy skin.

Check out the Burt’s Bee’s gift set here

Burt's Bees Pregnancy Essentials Christmas Gifts Set, 3 Baby Shower Products & Must Have Baby Registry Items, Nourishing Skincare for Mom to be - Mama Belly Butter, Original Lip Balm, Leg & Foot Cream

Check out the oil here

Bio-Oil Skincare Body Oil, Vitamin E Serum for Scars & Stretchmarks, Dermatologist Recommended, All Skin Types, 6.7 oz

A supportive bra or sleeping bras

In the beginning of your pregnancy, you will be fine with a supportive bra in your normal size. This will allow your breasts the support they need to help protect them from tenderness and discomfort that is common in pregnancy and made worse from fabric rubbing on your tender breasts.

I also recommend a sleeping bra. TMI but my breasts were so sore, any movement would make them hurt. I could not sleep without a bra on, but found them so uncomfortable to sleep with on. You can get nursing bras that work great, too.

As your pregnancy progresses you should consider investing in a nursing bra that has some room to grow. This is because it is common for your breasts to see a major growth spurt in the first few days following the birth of your baby even if you chose not to breastfeed.

Making this investment when you need to go up in bra sizes in the last trimester can be a great way to save money on your pregnancy and postpartum essentials.

Check out the nursing bra here

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity/Breastfeeding (Black, Medium)

Check out the sleep bra set here

Fruit of the Loom Women's Spaghetti Strap Cotton Pullover Sports Bra, Black/White/White/Heather Grey 4-Pack, 42

Nausea treatments

Even if you are lucky and don’t find yourself dealing with nausea at the beginning of your pregnancy you may not stay this lucky forever.

Keeping basics for nausea on hand like Preggie Pop drops in your bag so if you are hit with nausea you can quickly get it under control. For those that struggle with extreme nausea, talk to your doctor about your options for treatment.

Check out the preggie pops here

Preggie Pop Drops - 21 Drops - Morning Sickness Relief during pregnancy - Safe for pregnant Mom & Baby - Gluten Free - Four Flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Green Apple, Tangerine

Check out the nausea sweets here

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets, Organic Raspberry Ginger Candy with Vitamin B6 for Support and Occasional Motion Sickness, Pregnancy Must Haves - 30 Wrapped Drops


There you have it! The TOP PREGNANCY MUST-HAVE ITEMS. If you try any of the items from the list, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments! Also, would you add to the list?


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