Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter is almost here, which means it’s time for Easter basket ideas! Are you having a hard time finding items to your basket that won’t add too much more clutter or unhealthy candy into your home? Then you’ll want to keep reading, because if you have a little one, you will love my list of Easter basket ideas for toddlers.

easter basket ideas for toddlers

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I think it’s nice to have a little balance of everything, so I rounded up some fun Easter basket ideas that won’t go straight to the landfill. From books, candy ideas, to reusable baskets, all of the Easter basket ideas you need are below. I’ve developed a genius formula for filling Easter baskets with items that your kid will love!

I like to break my Easter gift ideas up into categories in order to keep me organized and to spread out what my son is getting. My Easter basket categories are creative, practical, edible, for funsies, educational/sensory. I try to hit as many categories as I can, that way my kid is getting a little of everything, and not too much of one category. You can actually apply the categories to all gift holidays like Christmas or a birthday.

I’ll give you a glimpse below of my son’s basket this year. Typically I would add clothes and a pair of shoes for summer, but we have a vacation coming up and he got all of that ahead of time. Rookie mistake on my end for showing him instead of stuffing it into his basket lol.

easter basket 1
easter basket 1

Here is a better glimpse of the Easter basket. I got this one from Target, and it comes with stickers so your little one can decorate their basket.

easter basket ideas 2024

The traditional woven baskets are cute, but I for one, don’t want bulky baskets that get used once a year taking up storage. So, instead of the traditional woven basket, consider something outside of the box. I personally got a plastic tub like the one above and added stickers to my son’s Easter basket.

That way, he can decorate the tub, and also repurpose it for sensory games, to hold his toys, use outside in the summer, or whatever it may be. Other Easter Basket ideas would be filling a beach bag or backpack for your kids.  I also love the idea of filling up a big Tonka dump truck as a toddler boy’s Easter basket.

Anyways, using something that can be reused instead of stored away or end up in a landfill is a great option!

Now, let’s get down to Easter basket filler categories.



I like to include items that will spark creativity. Art supplies, crafts, and imaginary play are great options to consider. I personally love to give sidewalk chalk, color books, stickers, and add fun items to my son’s pretend kitchen. Here is a more complete list of Easter basket ideas below:

creative easter basket ideas
creative easter basket ideas


Something practical is my favorite category because I can get those summer clothes or necessary items I already plan on getting and chalk it up as a gift. Why not kill two birds with one stone in the mix. Since it’s something you already plan to get, it isn’t contributing to clutter.  I call it a mom hack 🙂 Here are some of my “practical ideas”.

practical easter basket ideas


Edible items are always a great addition! Not only are they typically budget friendly, but since they are consumable there won’t be clutter. So, no need to find space in your storage or have one more thing end up in the trash. Plus, you can probably sneak a few treats out of the Easter basket and benefit, too 😉 Candy like jelly beans, Peeps, and a chocolate bunny are always Easter staples, but let me share even more ideas below.

edible easter basket ideas


The funsies category is my favorite category! It allows you to get your kid something they maybe have been eyeing up, but haven’t gotten.

fun easter basket ideas


I love the idea of adding in educational and/or sensory fillers into the Easter basket. It gives a good balance to the Easter bags “edible” and “funsies” categories.  Adding educational toys or sensory toys will provide your child with a learning experience, but also be something fun for him or her to play with. It’s a win-win in my book!

Easter Basket Ideas - Educational

WRAPPING UP: Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

There you have it. The top easter basket ideas! Will you be getting anything from the list? Would you add anything? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!

You can find even a complete list of Easter basket filler ideas in my Easter Basket Ideas 2023 Amazon List, but what I listed above are some of my absolute favorite finds.

And honestly, you can’t really go wrong with anything on the list. Is there anything you would add to the Easter basket list? Are you going to get any of the above items for your kid’s basket? I would love to hear all about it!! Make sure to let me know what you got or what you would add in the comments section!



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