Baby Registry Items Worth Every Penny

There are the absolute must-have baby registry items like diapers, bottles, clothes, etc. Then there are the additional baby registry items that will make your early days with the baby much more manageable.

Those extra items may be your saving grace in the early months. Below are my favorite items that aren’t necessary, but these newborn essentials were lifesavers to me!


Baby Registry Items Worth Every Penny

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A Moses basket is a mobile bassinet you can float around from room to room. I found it so convenient! It can be used for your little one to nap in or even sleep the night in. I love it because you can transport it with you anywhere around the house, and bring it with you if you leave the house.

There are handles, so it makes it convenient to move it with the baby in tow. I just love the mobile comfort of them – all day, anywhere you go, your baby has a place where they feel secure.

Sometimes my baby’s Moses basket is what he slept in at night. You will quickly learn putting your hand on your baby’s stomach can be just the trick to keeping them sound asleep.

Johno and I had the bassinet (safely) between us on the bed and would just reach our hand over whenever he was fussing. Worked like a charm lol!

Mine is from Plum and Sparrow, and the quality is outstanding. Plum and Sparrow’s baskets provide a safe and comfortable place to keep your baby happy. The basket itself is made of elephant grass harvested by hand and colored using dyes derived from the land. The baskets are fair trade and made by a talented group of weavers in villages across Africa.

These Moses baskets are in high demand! They do a restock every Friday and sell out fast, so I highly recommend signing up for alerts or setting an alarm clock.


This is a baby registry item I never would have thought about adding. The Baby Shusher sounds like a silly thing to spend your money on, right!? I’m telling you, though, don’t write this thing off and please make this a Baby Registry Item. It was a baby necessity for us in the early days.

When you are running on 2 hours of sleep, exhausted, and on the verge of tears (or maybe the tears are already flowing), throwing on the Shusher to calm your baby is everything.

Our baby had tummy issues in the early months, and we had a tough time getting him back to sleep. I would feed him, turn on my trusty Shusher, and rock him back to sleep. Then I would lay it down right next to my baby in his bassinet once he was down, and it worked wonders.

What does it do? It makes a shush sound over and over again. Literally, that is all it does. It mimics what a baby might hear in your tummy when your baby was cozy and safe inside and not in this big, scary world.

This Baby Shusher is great for getting the baby to sleep in the car, crib, or really anywhere. It has adjustable volume and will shush from 15 to 39 minutes.

You can find it on Amazon here

Baby Shusher: The Original Sound Machine for Babies - Sleep Soother Used by Pediatricians - Human Shhh Sound - Essential Baby Shower Gift - Portable


My favorite sound machine is the Hatch. If you go a lot of places, a portable one you can strap to a stroller or car seat is a good idea, too. You could also do an app for travel! If I don’t pack the Hatch, I use the paid version of the app “Sleep Sounds”.

It helps drown out other noises, too. So if you are trying to get things done around the house while the baby naps, they are less likely to wake up from the noises you make.

The hatch is great because you can do everything from an app on your phone. You can adjust the volume, change the sound theme, turn the light up or down, change the color of the light, set timers, program your timers.

If you have more than one hatch product, you can consolidate it into one Hatch app, making it super convenient. We have the Hatch changing table as well.

Initially, I got the Rest, but I regret not getting the Rest+. The Rest plus has everything the Rest does, plus a 2-way audio monitor and a clock. I feel like the Rest+ is an excellent option to grow with my baby.

Oh and here is 10% off  if you want to get it directly from their website!

Otherwise, Amazon has them, too. Grab yours here.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Sleep Trainer, Time-to-Rise Alarm Clock, White Noise Soother, Music & Stories for Nursery, Toddler & Kids Bedroom (Wi-Fi)


Seriously… go on Amazon and snag you one. I got an exercise ball in my 3rd trimester to help speed up going into labor. I don’t know if it actually works for that, but I was told it helps with cervix dilation, and I was willing to try anything.

When I bought this, little did I know that my husband and I would use this religiously once our baby was born. It was sometimes the only thing to get him to sleep, and we would shoot ourselves to the moon bouncing on that thing. WARNING, your back will hate you; however, your baby will love you.

Your back needs to take one for the team in the early days. Be prepared.

Oh and a bonus, there are exercises you can do on it to help strengthen your pelvic floor. So when you have a hard time holding it after baby…. yeah… this sucker comes in handy.

I got mine off Amazon for around $18.

You can grab your yoga ball here.

ProBody Pilates Ball Yoga Ball Exercise Ball, Fresh Colors Balance Ball or Pregnancy Ball for Stability, as a Yoga Ball Chair, Therapy Ball Workout Ball or Birthing Ball for Pregnancy (Sky, 65 cm)


Baby wraps are a must, and your arms will thank you for using one. I liked the baby K’tan, while my husband liked the dad shirt and the Moby wrap.

Honestly, the dad shirt was 100% worth it (around $70), and if we have a 2nd, I will be getting the women’s tank. The only reason I didn’t this time around is that I didn’t know the woman’s shirt existed until he was almost too big for the carrier. It’s essentially a shirt with a pouch in the front, and after a few weeks, we went to this exclusively. The “dad shirt” brad we got was Lalabu! It’s totally worth the money, especially if you get it for the newborn stage, so you get the most prolonged and most use out of it.

For me, he only liked when I held him in the baby K’tan… and even that was a hit or a miss. Our child was really fussy with swings and carries, which is NOT the norm. No other wraps worked for me. But man, that dude shirt. The 2nd he got tucked away in that he would be so calm.

TIP:  practice using your wraps and carries with stuffed animals beforehand. When you have a crying baby that you want to try go get into a wrap to soothe, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to learn how to use a baby carrier.

Here’s the MOBY WRAP

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier | Element for Newborns & Infants #1 Gift Keeps Safe Secure Adjustable All Body Types Perfect Mom Dad Taupe

Here’s the Lalabu dad shirt

Lalabu Dad Shirt Baby Carrier | Engineered to Help New Dads Bond | Comfortable & Easy to Use Mens Baby Carrier | OG Mens Kangaroo Baby Carrier Shirt with Pouch | Simple Gray, Medium, Short Sleeve


Don’t sleep on adding this as a baby registry item! A bouncer chair will allow you to get things done knowing your baby is safe and enjoying themselves.

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is the only one our baby liked, and it was worth every penny. These run around $200 but have been a lifesaver for me. I put him in it while I shower, while I work, or when I just need a second to do some things around the house, and he loves it. You can use it from newborn to 29 lbs. You can wash it quickly, and it’s effortless to transport.

It folds flat and can fit so easily into a car. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to haul around with you. It’s just worth the $. Proper support for your baby, 4 different positions.

There are lots of other bouncer chairs and swings out there like the 4Moms MamaRoo(expensive) or other ones that swing/move on their own like the Graco Simple Sway Swing (much cheaper than MamaRoo).

For us, the Baby Bjorn was WORTH IT. Sooooo convenient.


BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss, Sand Gray, Cotton (006017US)


A baby wants to feel SNUG when they are a newborn. After all, they are used to being snug as a bug in a rug in your tummy. The womb-like shape helps infants feel safe. You’re not supposed to let your babies sleep in loungers. If they turn their head, there is a risk of suffocation, But we let Atlas nap in his every day. It was the ONLY way we could get him to nap, and we were always supervising. So, come at me, bro.

I highly recommend SnuggleMe Organic. We originally had the Doc-a-Tot on a baby registry but got a SnuggleMe as a baby shower gift, and I’m so glad we did.

We actually ordered a 2nd to keep upstairs. Okay, if I’m being honest, we got a 2nd mainly because our dog thought it was another dog bed for her to sleep in. So bonus, if you have a small dog, you can use it as a dog bed after your baby grows out of it LOL!

A Snuggle Me Organic is like a Doc-a-Tot except cheaper priced, organic, small business owned, and just better, in my opinion. Seriously Snuggle Me Organic is such a fantastic brand, and the colors are super cute and trendy. Ours fit snug in our Moses basket and bassinet too.

Bonus is they have sales every once and a while, and you can get them even cheaper. I believe the starting price for these is $99.

I strongly recommend getting a cover for your lounger, too.

Grab your Snuggle Me here

Baby Lounger 0-24 Months, Baby Lounger Pillow, Baby Nest Sleeper, Baby Lounger for Newborn (Pink)


This is one of the things we got as a hand-me-down. They can be kind of expensive, so make sure to add this as one of your baby registry items. Suppose someone else doesn’t get it for you. In that case, the place you registered with usually gives a discount for everything else you buy off of your registry. Also, always check Facebook Marketplace…. that’s a great place to find good deals on gently used baby items.


Fisher-Price Baby Playmat Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym with Musical -Toy Lights & Smart Stages Learning Content for Newborn to Toddler


This one isn’t for baby; it’s for YOU. You are going to be spending A LOT of time holding your baby.

My Amazon Fire was my saving grace. I brought my tablet with me everywhere around the house. When I would pump, I would sit in the nursery and watch something on Netflix. When I would be sitting there with a sleeping baby in my lap, I would open my kindle and read a book. It made the time pass, and I could entertain myself while keeping my baby happy or asleep.


UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder Adjustable Portable Desktop Holder Dock Office Desk Accessories Compatible for iPad 10.2 iPad Pro 11 Inch iPad 9.7 iPad Mini 5 4 3 2 iPad Air iPhone 15 14 13 12 Black


Okay, this one is for you and not your baby, too! If you had hardwood floors like me, please invest in non-slips. I fell down the stairs while holding Atlas when he was less than two weeks old because I was wearing regular ol’ socks.

He was fine, THANK GOD!! My supermom powers somehow contorted my body mid-fall to save him from hitting his head, but my back is all sorts of messed up, even after 11 months.

I have a ton from Bombas now, but I also have gotten ankle and calf-length socks from Amazon that I love just as much as my Bombas.

Here are the Bombas ones I have. If you sign up for their newsletters, you get a discount on your 1st purchase!

And here are the Amazon ones I got. I’m obsessed with these!


LA ACTIVE Non Slip Yoga Grip Socks - Anti Skid Barre Ballet Pilates Socks, Pilates Yoga Socks, Anti Skid Socks with Mid Calf Design for Women

WRAPPING UP: Baby Registry Items Worth Every Penny

So there you have it. My TOP TEN must-have baby registry items to get you through the newborn stage and beyond. Some of these things you will only use for his 1st year or less.

So a tip I always give is to sell on Facebook Marketplace, give as a hand-me-down to a loved one that is expecting, or hold on in case you have another little in the future.

Whether you will use it for a short period or get your money’s worth out of an item, I highly recommend all of the products above. As a new mom, it made the first year of my baby’s life much easier!

I would love to hear from you in the comments! Is there something you would add to this list? What worked for your baby?


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