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Teething Hacks to Soothe Your Baby

As a new mom, there are so many milestones to look forward to with your baby. A big one is when your baby starts teething. Not only is teething a significant developmental milestone but one that might be a little tough for both mom and baby. It can be painful for babies, leading to sleepless night and fussiness.


Understanding the teething process and being prepared to help your baby through the teething phase with effective strategies is important. This is where some teething tips and tricks will become quite handy.

Below, I’ll share my TOP teething hacks, which are simple yet ingenious techniques that can relieve your little one when a tooth comes in. These teething hacks will help you confidently navigate the journey and ensure you and your baby can easily sail through this phase.

Teething Hacks to Soothe Your Baby

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In this blog post, you’ll learn safe, practical, and effective TOP teething hacks for babies. Countless parents have embraced these hacks and have stood the test of time, offering temporary relief and long-term solutions to ease your baby’s teething discomfort.

From soothing toys to natural remedies, we will explore a range of strategies you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Remember, every baby is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. So with these tips, you can observe your baby’s responses and adapt to whatever teething hacks suit their needs.

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Now, it’s time to equip you with top teething hacks!


Teething toys are a staple for soothing a baby’s teething discomfort. When a baby bites down on a chilled teething toy, the coldness helps numb the sensitive gums, relieving pain and inflammation in the gums.

When choosing teethers, opt for those with textured surfaces, as they provide additional sensory stimulation. Make sure that the teethers are free from small parts that could pose a choking hazard, and regularly inspect them for signs of wear and tear.

A few chilling teething toys that worked for my little one are:

Infantino water teethers

Infantino 3-Pack Water Teethers - 2 Pink + 1 Lime Set

Itzy Ritzy water-filled teethers 

Itzy Ritzy Water-Filled Teethers, Set of 3 Coordinating Cactus, Cutie Coolers are Textured On Both Sides to Massage Sore Gums, Can Be Chilled in Refrigerator, Green Cacti

and the Frida Baby “Not-Too-Cold-to-Hold” teether.

Note: Not all teething toys are suitable for chilling. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the toy is safe to refrigerate. Don’t put them in the freezer because they can become too hard and potentially injure your baby’s delicate gums.

Frida Baby Not-Too-Cold-to-Hold BPA-Free Silicone Teether for Babies


A cold washcloth is a simple, cost-effective, readily available teething hack many parents swear by.

  • Start by dampening a clean washcloth and placing it in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Put the washcloth in the refrigerator briefly, allowing it to chill.
  • When the washcloth is adequately chilled, take it out of the bag and offer it to your baby to chew on.

The texture of the fabric combined with the coldness provides gentle pressure and soothing relief to their sore gums. A bonus is the washcloth also absorbs excess drool!

NOTE: Use a fresh, clean washcloth for each use to prevent bacteria buildup.


Gum massage is a gentle technique for soothing your baby’s teething discomfort.

Using clean fingers, apply light pressure in circular motions on your baby’s gums. You can also use a clean, damp washcloth wrapped around your finger.

This massage helps stimulate blood flow to the area, reduce inflammation, and temporarily relieve pain.

Some babies may resist gum massages initially, but with patience and gentle persistence, they may find comfort in this technique. You can perform gum massages multiple times a day or as needed, depending on your baby’s level of discomfort.


Try cold fruit and vegetable purees if your baby has already started on solid foods. Cold foods can numb the gums while offering essential nutrients for your baby’s growth and development.

Prepare chilled mashed fruits like bananas or applesauce and offer them to your baby during teething episodes. The coldness provides a soothing sensation, while the soft texture is gentle on their sensitive gums.

MOM TIP:  You can also try freezing homemade fruit and vegetable purees into popsicle molds or ice cube trays for a teething-friendly treat. These frozen snacks provide a longer-lasting cooling effect and can be easily held by your baby. Always supervise your baby closely while enjoying frozen treats to prevent choking or excessive cold exposure!!

If you want less mess, I suggest cold food in mesh feeders. Mesh feeders hold pieces of food while preventing choking hazards, making them a safe option for teething babies.

Freeze small, soft pieces of fruit such as mango, watermelon, or sliced strawberries, and place them inside the mesh feeder. A bonus is mesh feeders add that extra texture.

Here are the TOP fruit teethers. Note that the mesh ones are a little harder to clean.

Dr. Brown’s Fresh Firsts Feeder

Dr. Brown's Designed to Nourish, Fresh Firsts Silicone Feeder, Mint & Gray, 2 Count

teetherpop No Mess Frozen Baby Teethers

teetherpop – Fillable, Freezable Teething Toys for Babies – 2 Pack

NatureBond Baby Food Feeder

NatureBond Baby Food Feeder/Fruit Feeder Pacifier Nibbler (2 Pack) - Infant Teething Toy Teether Weaning in Appetizing Colors | + Additional Silicone Sacs

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Munchkin® Fresh Food Feeder, Coral/Purple, 2 count (Pack of 1)


Natural remedies have long been used to ease teething discomfort in babies. One popular option is chamomile tea, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, using it cautiously after consulting with your pediatrician is important.

To use chamomile tea as a teething remedy:

  1. Brew a weak chamomile tea using a tea bag or loose flowers.
  2. Let it cool completely, and then soak a clean cloth or gauze in the diluted tea.
  3. Gently apply the cloth to your baby’s gums for a soothing effect.

It’s crucial to ensure that the chamomile tea is diluted enough and free from any additives or sweeteners that could harm your baby.

Other natural remedies some parents find helpful include:

  • Diluted clove oil, which can be applied topically to the gums
  • Chilled cucumber or carrot slices


Sometimes, a little distraction can work wonders for teething babies.

  • Engaging your baby in their favorite activities or introducing new toys can help divert their attention from the discomfort and relieve them.
  • Play soothing music or sing gentle songs to create a calming environment. Soft lullabies or instrumental tunes can help relax your baby and distract them from teething discomfort. You can also try incorporating activities that involve gentle movements, such as swaying or rocking.
  • Reading books together can be soothing and distracting for you and your baby. Choose books with colorful pictures and engaging stories to capture their attention. Snuggling up and enjoying storytime can create a peaceful atmosphere while taking their mind off the teething discomfort.

Remember to adapt the activities to your baby’s preferences and be responsive to their cues. Some babies may find comfort in being held or carried, while others may prefer more independent playtime.


During teething episodes, babies want extra comfort and reassurance. Cuddles and physical closeness can calm your baby and help alleviate their teething discomfort.

Hold your baby close, gently rocking or swaying them to create a soothing rhythm. Skin-to-skin contact can also provide a sense of security and promote relaxation. The warmth and comfort of being in your arms can help distract your baby from its teething pain.

Offering comforting words and a soothing tone can further reassure your baby. Your presence and responsiveness are crucial; your baby relies on your care and support.

WRAPPING UP: Teething Hacks to Soothe Your Baby

Teething can be challenging for both infants and parents. These top teething hacks can help alleviate your baby’s discomfort and make this phase more manageable for everyone involved.

Remember that this phase is temporary, and with the right strategies and patience, you and your baby will emerge from the teething journey stronger and more resilient.


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