“A” Girl Names That Are Unique

As a new mom, one of the most exciting tasks is choosing a name for your baby girl. With countless options available, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect name that fits your little one.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a unique and beautiful name that starts with the letter A, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ve curated a list of 100 unique girl names that begin with A.

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Whether you’re looking for a classic, trendy, or modern name, there’s something here for every taste. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your precious bundle of joy!

  1. Abigail
  2. Ada
  3. Adalyn
  4. Addison
  5. Adele
  6. Adeline
  7. Adelynn
  8. Adriana
  9. Aila
  10. Aimee
  11. Ainsley
  12. Aisha
  13. Aisling
  14. Aiyana
  15. Alaina
  16. Alana
  17. Alanna
  18. Alayah
  19. Aleah
  20. Aleeza
  21. Alejandra
  22. Alessandra
  23. Alexia
  24. Alexis
  25. Aliana
  26. Alice
  27. Alicia
  28. Alina
  29. Alisha
  30. Alivia
  31. Aliyah
  32. Allegra
  33. Allison
  34. Allyson
  35. Alma
  36. Alondra
  37. Althea
  38. Alyssa
  39. Amalia
  40. Amanda
  41. Amani
  42. Amara
  43. Amari
  44. Amelia
  45. Amelie
  46. Amira
  47. Amirah
  48. Amiya
  49. Amy
  50. Ana
  51. Anabelle
  52. Anahi
  53. Anais
  54. Anastasia
  55. Andrea
  56. Angel
  57. Angela
  58. Angelica
  59. Angelina
  60. Anika
  61. Anissa
  62. Anita
  63. Aniya
  64. Ann
  65. Anna
  66. Annabel
  67. Annabella
  68. Annabelle
  69. Anneliese
  70. Annie
  71. Anouk
  72. Antonia
  73. Anya
  74. April
  75. Arabella
  76. Aria
  77. Ariana
  78. Arianna
  79. Arie
  80. Ariel
  81. Ariella
  82. Armani
  83. Arya
  84. Asha
  85. Ashanti
  86. Ashlee
  87. Ashleigh
  88. Ashley
  89. Ashlyn
  90. Aspen
  91. Astrid
  92. Athena
  93. Aubree
  94. Aubrey
  95. Aubrianna
  96. Audra
  97. Audrey
  98. Augusta
  99. Aurora
  100. Autumn

Please always remember that before picking a name to know its origins.  Some of these names may have different origins and meanings, so it’s important to research their backgrounds if you’re considering them for your child.

Choosing a unique name for your baby girl is a beautiful way to express your love and creativity. With this list of 100 unique girl names that start with the letter A, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name with a twist or a completely unique moniker, there is something for every taste and preference.

Remember, the name you choose for your little one will be with them for a lifetime, so take your time, consider your options, and choose a name that truly resonates with you and your family.



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Hi, I’m Morgan! I created this platform to be able to share my life, help normalize big topic motherhood issues, and help simplify all the things I learned the complicated way. I hope you enjoy my mix of life, love, levity, and everything in between

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