Kid-Approved Disney Snacks

Let’s talk kid-approved Disney snacks.

Walking around the Disney parks burns off a lot of calories, and the heat can make it even worse. This combo can be rough on children and adults alike! While you can pack snacks for your kids when you go to the parks, these don’t usually last long. Plus, you’ll find yourself needing to hunt down more fun kid-approved snacks to keep the kids from getting cranky.

There’s not much worse than an unruly, hungry child for making a fun trip a whole lot less fun. These kid-approved Disney snacks will help keep the kids fueled up and having fun while you keep the fun going.


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Frozen treats kids are bound to love

Florida is hot, and walking around the parks can be exhausting in the Florida summer sun. Take a break and cool the kids down with these fun kid-approved frozen treats. If your kids like ice cream or you are looking for a grab and go from a freezer in a gift shop along the way to cool off, there are several great options kids love.


Dole Whip

This vegan classic is a Disney favorite. Dairy-free, this frozen dessert is perfect for strolling the parks on a hot sunny day without adding dairy, leading to an upset stomach. Stop by one of the many locations to grab a dole whip for the kids. For adults traveling solo, many locations offer a grown-up version that may interest you 😉


Lemonade Strawberry Frozen Bar

This bar is another great frozen treat that doesn’t contain dairy making it great for enjoying on the hottest days. Available in many locations in the ice cream freezer, this childhood favorite hits the spot when looking for a fun frozen treat.


Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

These Mickey-shaped treats are a childhood favorite. This classic chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar is such a major hit you can even get it in grocery stores across the country now, and there are entire lines of merchandise themed around this ice cream bar.


Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

One thing you will find a wide variety of all over the Disney parks and resorts is ice cream cookie sandwiches. These sandwiches made of two cookies and fresh scooped ice cream are a fun treat. Each location in the parks offers a different take on this treat, and it is constantly changing. Due to its hand food nature, it is perfect for kids to enjoy.


Fun snacks sure to please

Ice cream isn’t the only option for fun snacks as you stroll around Disney though it may be the best way to cool down at the same time. These fun treats are perfect for adding to your Disney kid-approved snacks list.


Mickey Pretzel with cheese

Everyone loves soft pretzels, and the fun Mickey of this snack is always a winner. Soft pretzels are fun and filling, making them an excellent option while you walk through the parks.


Candy apples

Candy apples are kind of a big thing in Disney. These huge and super sweet snacks are a fun treat and perfect for when you know your child will have all day to burn off that sugar before you go back to your room to rest for the day.



Popcorn is a frugal and fun snack at Disney. There are really cool collectible buckets that can be purchased, which they switch up every so often. In fact, there is a cult following for the collectibles. These buckets score you $2 refills for the rest of your trip, making this an excellent investment for your first day at Disney. You’re killing two birds with one stone by getting the cool collectible AND getting cheap refills during your whole visit to help keep kids content while walking around all day.


Fresh fruit

While you may not be thinking about grabbing a fresh banana for your kids while surrounded by cookies and ice cream, it is something to consider. Getting in healthy snacks for energy while doing all that walking around can be a big help for your kids. Stop by one of the vendor carts that offer fresh fruit for a quick pick-me-up for your little one.


Chip and Dale Snack Co.

Chip and Dale Snack Co Snacks are designed to be a fun Disney version of kids’ favorite grab-and-go snacks. The Mickey puff cheese crackers are a Disney twist to your child’s favorite goldfish crackers. Chip and Dale also offer an assortment of trail mixes that contain a good mix of carbs and protein that make a great healthy energy source for the whole family while you stroll the parks.



Disney loves to offer fun sweet treats and while you are spending all day at the parks is a great time to enjoy these sweets that will quickly be used up for energy with all that walking. The churro stands are a must if you are looking for a fun snack that your kids will love. These giant churros are even big enough to share.

You can even find Churro Fondue if you take a stroll through Disney Springs, the entry-free entertainment and shopping district perfect for visiting when you arrive or before you leave, instead of using a park ticket for only half a day.

There are SOOOO many other snack options, but in my experience, these are the top contenders you simply can’t go wrong with. Do you have a Disney World snack you would like to add to the list? Drop your favorite in the comments! I always LOVE hearing what others enjoy at the parks.




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