Top 5 must-dos with kids at Disney

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Top 5 must-dos with kids at Disney


Disney is designed for kids but what things do you want to be sure you check out where you are there? Make the most of your trip by planning some fun and exciting activities and fun breaks that can make the trip all that much more spectacular. A lot has changed and Disney is no exception. While some of these may not be available during your stay if you plan to visit in the near future as more things open up and things go back to normal your trip to Disney World will make for some amazing memories.


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

This stop is a must-have to make every little princess’s dreams come true. To save money, bring your own dress and jewelry for your little princess so you can go with the smaller package and have the whole experience in the process. This can be particularly useful for kids whose favorite princess may not be one of the most popular ones. At Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique your little princess will be transformed into her own little fairytale by fairy godmothers in training. With little nail polishes, her own princess tiara, and a style fit for royal court your princess will look back on your vacation photos with awe. Book your appointment early in the day so your princess can stroll the parks with her new style all day long. When choosing princess shoes, pick some that will be comfortable to wear all day long.

Have a little boy with you on the trip? Don’t worry your little price can have just as much fun getting a new style and this very own sword and shield. This package is affordable and perfect for making your young man feel just as special as his sister.

Because of the pandemic, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique has been put on hold, but I found it too fun to leave out. I hope it opens back up soon, but don’t worry, I have alternative options for you!! There are companies that will come out to your hotel room and do a bibbidi bobbidi boutique experience. You will have each company what they provide (ie, dresses, hair items, etc.), but these are the companies that got wonderful reviews.

There are plenty of furloughed cast members that also do BBB experiences. You might need to do more digging for them, but a quick search in some of the Disney Planning groups on facebook will pull up a lot of furloughed cast members ready to be hired.  

Here is a good Facebook group to find someone:


Here are some of the company’s I came across:


Hidden Mickey scavenger hunts

If you are taking time to explore the resorts with your kids, you will need something to keep them busy and having fun. One great activity is the Hidden Mickey scavenger hunts. These simple activities can be found at most Disney resorts and destinations, keeping the Mickeys in public spaces. There are so many of them around the parks and resorts, that there are actual books, blog posts, groups, etc. dedicated to finding a hidden Mickey. I warn you though, once you start it becomes addicting 😉 

This challenges your child to take a different look at things and slow down a bit to really enjoy your trip. Even the line queues in the parks offer hidden Mickeys you can challenge your kids to look for to help keep them busy and entertained. You can find hidden mickey quest apps in your phone’s app store for an on-the-go guide to finding hidden Mickeys.

If this isn’t your child thing you can still keep them busy in the line queues with the Disney Parks App full of history and trivia to help make the lines a bit more bearable.


Water park thrills

Except for a few months out of the year, Florida is HOT and what better way to cool off than a trip to the waterparks? Disney offers two great water parks both offering fun beyond the pool that appeals to kids young and old alike.

Swing by Typhoon Lagoon The massive water park playground will keep kids having fun all day long while older kids can take a swim with the sharks. If water slides are your thing Blizzard beach will make a splash with the kids. From a cute little playground to the tallest free-fall body slides in the world there is something for everyone to cool off and have fun.

The water parks at Disney usually alternate when they are open so check ahead of time to see if the park you are interested in will be open during your trip.


Nighttime spectacular fireworks show

Fireworks are one of those fascinating things that captivate the minds of children and adults alike. If you find yourself still in Magic Kingdom nearing closing time take a pause down Main street to watch Cinderella’s castle come to life with spectacular lights as fireworks dance in the sky making for a beautiful close to your magical evening in the Magic Kingdom.

Seasonally Disney offers several other great light and firework shows that can stun and amaze crowds. Epcot has a particularly stunning show in the center of the world showcase lagoon.


Tour the Epcot pavilions

Epcot is known for being the least child-friendly theme park in the Disney collection. This can be a bit of a challenge for families that want to explore Epcot with kids in tow.

You can use this as an educational activity to help give your child a chance to explore the world as you stroll through the world showcase pavilions. Stop by and pick up a copy of the passport to get stamped and signed by employees at each pavilion. 

You can even pick up a scavenger hunt map to do as well going along with any current events Epcot is hosting. 

The pavilions are an amazing opportunity to sample dishes from around the world for a fun treat while you stroll and fill in your child’s passport. The world showcase has some of the most fun foods to try and so much to explore!! If you want a complete breakdown of some fun things to do in each pavilion, you can bookmark my breakdown here 

With that said, the World Showcase isn’t all there is to be seen at Epcot. There is currently a complete overhaul the main area, with a Moana experience coming, Guardians of the Galaxy ride on its way, plus so much more.

There are lots of fun rides to do, too! Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion is always a hit. Ratatouille just opened in France. Test Track and Soarin’ are can’t miss rides, as well!!

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