Vintage Forgotten Baby Boy Names That Deserve a Comeback

Inside: Unique boy names from the past that once were popular and are now rare, if not completely in the past. Read on for a list of 50 forgotten baby boy names and the meaning behind each one.


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Forgotten Vintage Boy Names That Deserve a Comeback

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Have you ever thought about the forgotten baby boy names that once graced the lips of many but now seem lost in the winds of time? Names that were once very popular boy names that are now rarely heard of. 

We’re talking about those old English origin gems, and even some with old German and Roman roots.¬†

Picture names that were all the rage in the early 1900s are now just waiting to make a grand comeback. 

I mean, how often do we meet someone in today’s world with the name Odysseus. I’m going to guess you don’t know many with that name. Back in the day, though, that was a prominent name!

In my opinion, many of these rare baby names have such unique origins they deserve a revival. 

Imagine your little one rocking a name with a cool nickname, a name that’s not just unique but also steeped in history.¬†

Think Roman mythology, Celtic origin, and even sweet names from the Middle Ages ‚Äď it’s like giving your kid a piece of timeless legacy.

Plus, with alternative spellings and shorter nicknames, the possibilities are endless! 

So, let’s dive into the best vintage boy names out there that totally should get a comeback!¬†

Why Choose an Old Fashioned Boy Name?

Before we dive into the complete list, why choose forgotten baby boy names? Why not leave them in the past?

Well, let me tell you, it’s like owning a piece of history!¬†

I don’t know…Maybe it’s because I’m a huge history buff, but I love the idea of using a name that’s been around for hundreds, or even thousands, of years.

I have to say that these names are not just about sounding different; they’re about connecting to our past in a way that’s both meaningful and super cool.¬†

Think about it…

An old name has a story, a legacy that’s been passed down through generations. It’s not just about standing out in the crowd; it’s about reviving a part of our heritage that’s been overlooked.¬†

Plus, let’s be real…

There’s something incredibly charming about a little boy named after great warriors, poets, or even wild boars from Roman mythology.¬†

It’s about giving your kid a name that’s not only unique but also has depth and character.¬†

In a sea of modern names, choosing an old-fashioned name is a way to celebrate tradition while still being trendy. 

And hey, who wouldn’t love to say their name has a cool backstory from the Middle Ages or is a variation of a revered Hebrew or Celtic name?¬†

It’s all about bringing a classic touch to our modern world!

A List of 50 Forgotten Baby Boy Names


Origin: French

Meaning: Noble and Ready for Battle

First off, let’s talk about Alphonse. This old-fashioned name is dear to my heart because it is my dad’s middle name!¬†

This name, with its French origin, oozes class and a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s a unique name that stands out from the common trends, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking something different.¬†

Imagine a little Alphonse or Alfie for a cute nickname, running around ‚Äď it’s both adorable and distinguished! I hope it makes a comeback!



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Immortal

Then there’s Ambrose, a classic name of Greek origin. It’s not just any old-fashioned boy name; it carries an air of sophistication and ancient wisdom.¬†

The name Ambrose, which means ‘immortal,’ has roots in Greek mythology and could be a great conversation starter for your little one as he grows.



Origin: German

Meaning: Genuine, Bold

Archibald might sound a bit grand, but it’s a traditional name that’s been overlooked in recent years.¬†

Its German origin lends it a sturdy and timeless quality. And who doesn’t love the nickname Archie? I bet now that Prince Harry and Duchess Megan Markle have a little Archie, the name will once again skyrocket in popularity.



Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: Son of Consolation

Moving on to Barnabas, a biblical name of Hebrew origin. It’s a rare name that resonates with history and character. It’s high time we brought back these meaningful names that connect us to our past.



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Royal, Kingly

Basil, a name of Greek origin, reminds us of the olive tree, a symbol of peace and wisdom. It’s a name that’s both earthy and noble, a rare combination in modern names.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Bright Raven

If we talk about vintage names, we can’t skip Bertram. An old English name, Bertram brings knights and castles to mind, adding a touch of medieval charm to the 21st century.



Origin: English

Meaning: Ford by a Hermitage

Let’s not forget about Buford, a name with a strong southern vibe, hailing from old town roots. This name has a certain uniqueness that makes it stand out in the sea of popular baby names.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blind

Cecil, a Latin origin name, has a soft yet distinguished sound. It’s one of those classic names that feel both smart and gentle – perfect for a thoughtful little boy.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bright, Clear

Clarence is a name that screams vintage. With its Latin word meaning ‘bright,’ it offers a sense of nobility and strength.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Ford by a Cliff

This name was popularized in Britain due to the dukedom of Clarence, a title in the British royal family.



Origin: Scottish

Meaning: River Name (River Clyde in Scotland)

Now, who could overlook Clyde? This Scottish name, derived from the River Clyde, has a strong yet flowing sound. It’s a name that’s both cool and classic, a rare find in today’s world of uncommon names.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Horn

Cornelius, another Latin origin name, is grand and majestic. It’s a name that has stood the test of time and deserves more attention in the modern era.



Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Beloved

Dewey is a Welsh name with an endearing quality. It’s short, sweet, and has a youthful charm that could be a hit in today’s world of little boys.



Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Brown Warrior

Talking about charm, Duncan, a Scottish name meaning ‘brown warrior,’ combines ruggedness with a regal air, making it a great choice for parents looking for something traditional yet strong.



Origin: British

Meaning:¬†Ella’s Hill

Eldon, derived from British origin, is an old English name that brings to mind images of ancient England. It’s a name that’s both unique and grounded, perfect for parents who love a touch of tradition.



Origin: English

Meaning: Noble and Famous

The name Elmer might remind you of a certain cartoon character, but it’s time to look beyond that. This name, of English origin, has a vintage charm that’s hard to find in modern names.



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Well-born

Eugene, a name of Greek origin meaning ‘well-born,’ deserves a revival. This was once a very popular name that’s both elegant and timeless, a rare combination in today’s naming trends. And the fact that the Greek word means ‘well-born’… it’s bound to make a comeback. I’m surprised with the name popping up in Tangled; it hasn’t already!¬†¬†



Origin: Scottish/Irish

Meaning: Man of Vigor

Fergus carries the weight of Irish history and culture, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate different cultures.



Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Grey

Floyd, with its Welsh origins, is a name that has a musical and artistic feel, ideal for families with a love for the arts.



Origin: English

Meaning: Grove

Grover might bring to mind a certain blue character, but let’s not forget its strong American roots. This name, of English origin, has a certain uniqueness that’s both charming and memorable.



Origin: German

Meaning: Army Man

Herman may sound old-school, but it’s a solid and dependable German-origin name that stands out for its strength.



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Hostage, Pledge

Homer, steeped in Greek history and literature, is intellectual yet approachable ‚Äď a great combination for a boy’s name.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Timekeeper

Horace, a name of Latin origin, has a poetic and classical touch to it. It’s one of those old-fashioned boy names that bring a sense of depth and history.



Origin: German

Meaning: Peaceful Warrior

Humphrey, with its German origin, may sound a bit formal, but it has a charm that’s hard to ignore. It’s one of those traditional names that exude a sense of strength and character.



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Watchful

Ira, a short name of Hebrew origin, is not just unique but also deeply meaningful. In a world full of long, complicated names, Ira stands out for its simplicity and elegance.



Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Green Water, Fresh Water

Irving, a Scottish name, brings to mind images of the beautiful highlands. It’s a name that’s both poetic and grounded, perfect for parents looking for something with a historical edge.



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sacred Name

Jerome, with its Greek roots, is a name that’s both strong and scholarly. It’s a perfect name for a boy who might grow up to love books and learning.



Origin: Irish

Meaning: Free Man

Kermit, though often associated with a famous frog, is actually an Irish name with a strong, bold sound. It’s a rare boy name that could make a big comeback.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: From Leicester

Lester, an old English name, has a vintage charm that’s hard to find in today’s popular baby names. It’s a name that’s both unique and familiar, a great choice for parents looking for something a bit different.



Origin: French

Meaning: Young Lion

Lionel, a French origin name, brings to mind images of strength and leadership. It’s a classic name that’s both powerful and elegant.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Middle Town

Milton, an old English name, has a literary flair to it, perfect for families who love literature and history.



Origin: Old French

Meaning: Dead Sea

Mortimer, though it might sound a bit stern, is actually a name with a lot of character. Its old French origins give it a regal air, making it a great choice for a traditional name. As a lifelong Disney fan… I have a soft spot for this name, as well. IYKYK.



Origin: German

Meaning: Bright North

Norbert, a German name, is unique and memorable. It’s a name that stands out from the crowd, perfect for parents looking for something different.



Origin: French

Meaning: Golden City

Orville, with its French origins, has an adventurous spirit to it. It’s a name that’s both unique and charming, perfect for a little boy full of energy and curiosity.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Divine Power

Oswald, an old English name, might remind some of a historical figure, but it’s time to reclaim it. This name, meaning ‘divine power,’ has a strong and noble feel to it.



Origin: Old French

Meaning: Pierce the Valley

Percival, a name with Arthurian legend roots, has a chivalrous and noble quality. It’s a perfect choice for parents who love history and mythology.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Pear Tree

Perry, an old English name, has a friendly and approachable feel. It’s a name that’s both simple and charming, great for a little boy who’s both.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fifth

Quincy, a Latin name, has a sophisticated and cosmopolitan feel to it. It’s a name that’s both unique and stylish, perfect for parents looking for something with a bit of flair.



Origin: German

Meaning: Counsel Power

Reginald, with its German origin, is a name that’s both strong and regal. It’s a perfect name for a boy who might grow up to be a leader and a thinker.



Origin: German

Meaning: Famous Wolf

I feel like this name probably fell out of favor when the red-nosed reindeer was introduced. But it is actually a name with German roots that means ‘famous wolf, ‘ which is pretty cool!¬†

It’s a strong and unique name that deserves a place in the modern world.



Origin: English

Meaning: From Saint Maur

Seymour, an English name, has a vintage charm that’s hard to ignore. It’s a name that’s both unique and endearing, perfect for a boy with a strong character.



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Courageous Heart

Thaddeus, a name of Greek origin, has a biblical and historical depth. It’s a name that’s both unique and meaningful, a great choice for parents looking for something with a strong background.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Wrathful

Ulysses, with its Greek roots, brings to mind the famous hero of Greek mythology. It’s a name that’s both adventurous and intellectual, perfect for a little boy with big dreams.



Origin: English

Meaning: Marshland

Vance, an English name, has a strong and straightforward sound. It’s a name that’s both modern and timeless, a rare combination in today’s naming world.



Origin: French

Meaning: Alder Grove

Vernon, a name of French origin, brings a touch of the countryside to the modern world. It’s a name that’s both unique and grounded, perfect for parents looking for something with a bit of nature in it.



Origin: German

Meaning: Rule

Waldo, with its German origin, is a name that’s both playful and serious. It’s a name that’s unique and memorable, perfect for a boy who’s going to stand out in the crowd.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Wild Boar

Wilbur, an old English boy name, has a vintage charm that’s hard to find in modern names. It’s a name that’s both sweet and strong, a great choice for parents looking for something with a bit of history.



Origin: Spanish/Basque

Meaning: New House

Xavier, a name of Spanish and Basque origin, has a sophisticated and international feel to it. Often associated with the famous saint, it’s a name that combines religious significance with a cool, contemporary edge. It’s the perfect name for a little boy who might grow up to have a worldly and adventurous spirit.



Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Fertile Upland

Yale, a name of Welsh origin, brings to mind the prestigious university, but it’s much more than that. With its Gaelic origin suggesting ‘fertile upland,’ Yale is a name that resonates with strength and intellect, making it a standout choice among rare boy names.



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift of Jehovah

Lastly, Zebedee, a biblical name of Hebrew origin, is a unique and rhythmic name that’s full of character. It’s one of those unusual names that has a playful yet dignified air, perfect for a little boy full of energy and charm.



Okay, I know I said only 50 boy names, but I’m adding 10 more rare names to the list! These runner-ups were worth mentioning!



Origin: Germanic

Meaning: Ruler of All

Alaric has a powerful ring to it, right? It’s of Germanic origin, meaning “ruler of all.” This name was borne by a famous Visigoth king, making it perfect for your little leader.



Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: Son of Consolation

Barnaby, a variation of Barnabas, has a comforting Aramaic origin, meaning “son of consolation.” It’s like a warm, reassuring hug in a name.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Curly-haired

Crispin, with its Latin roots meaning “curly-haired,” has a vintage yet distinguished feel. Imagine a little Crispin with adorable curls ‚Äď totally charming!



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Brave Boar

Ewart is an old English name derived from “Eweheard,” meaning “brave boar.” It’s like naming your little one after a brave, medieval warrior ‚Äď strong and bold.



Origin: Germanic

Meaning: Peace of God

Godfrey, of Germanic origin, means “peace of God.” It has a noble and historic ring to it, perfect for a little boy with a calm and wise spirit. Game of Thrones made this name known again, but now the question is, will we see a spike in this name?



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of Isis

Isidore, a Greek name meaning “gift of Isis,” was common in the Middle Ages due to St. Isidore of Seville. It’s a name that carries wisdom and historical depth.



Origin: German

Meaning: Bold People

Leopold, of German origin, means “bold people.” It has a regal and classic sound, ideal for a little one with a strong and noble character.



Origin: French

Meaning: Servant or Attendant

Lancelot, a name of French origin, is most famous from Arthurian legend. It means “servant” or “attendant” and exudes nobility and bravery ‚Äď perfect for your little knight in shining armor.



Origin: Latin

Meaning: Eighth

Octavius, a Latin name meaning “eighth,” was common in Roman times and also the original name of Emperor Augustus. It has a classical and imperial feel, great for a little one with a majestic spirit.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Divinely Brilliant

Osbert, an old English name meaning “divinely brilliant,” has an aristocratic and timeless quality. It’s like a name meant for someone destined to be wise and respected.



Origin: German

Meaning: Bright Fame

Rupert, a German variation of Robert, means “bright fame.” This name carries a certain charisma and historical weight, making it perfect for a boy with a bright future.



Origin: Old English

Meaning:¬†Thor’s Stone

Thurston, from old English, means “Thor’s stone,” referring to the Norse god of thunder. It’s a strong name with mythological and historical significance, offering a unique choice for a baby boy.



Origin: Old English

Meaning: Desires Peace

Wilfred, an old English name meaning “desires peace,” has a gentle yet strong presence. It’s ideal for a thoughtful and kind-hearted little boy.


WRAPPING UP: 50 Forgotten Baby Boy Names

Can’t you see why some of these names need to be revived? In a world where everyone seems to be chasing the latest trends, these names offer a breath of fresh air.

They’re not just names; they’re stories, they’re histories. They connect our little boys to different cultures, traditions, and languages. They’re the kind of names that stand out in a classroom but in the best way possible.

Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision, and these forgotten vintage baby boy names offer something special. They’re not just unique; they’re meaningful. They have depth and character, something that can be lacking in some of the more modern names.

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence in old-fashioned names, and it’s time these names got their spotlight, too. Names like Alphonse, Basil, Clyde, and the others on this list are not just old names; they’re names that have stood the test of time. They’re names that deserve to be passed down through generations.

So, if you’re expecting a little boy or just love thinking about names, consider these forgotten gems. They’re the perfect combination of unique, classic, and meaningful, making them the perfect choice for your little one. Who knows, maybe your little Archibald or Seymour will be the one to bring these names back into the limelight in the United States and beyond.

In the end, what’s in a name? A lot, actually. It’s an identity, a first impression, a piece of history. And these names? They’re all that and more. They’re a connection to our past and a bridge to our future. So let’s give these forgotten vintage baby boy names the comeback they so richly deserve!

Did you find a name you love on the list? Did any surprise you? Would you add any to the list? I would love to hear from you below!



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