Fun Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Activity

In this post: Get access to a super fun sidewalk chalk obstacle course for kids to do all summer long. 

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course For Kids

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Have you ever tried setting up a sidewalk chalk obstacle course in your driveway or on the sidewalk? 

It’s a fantastic and easy way to combine fun with physical activity and unleash your child’s creativity. 

Not only does it help enhance their gross motor skills, but it also sparks a little imagination with every colorful step or hop they take. 

So, whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a cool summer evening, this activity is perfect for getting those little legs moving and those big smiles going.

How to Create the Obstacle Course

First things first, let’s find the perfect canvas for our chalk masterpiece. 

A flat, safe area free from traffic, lots of debris, or too many obstacles is ideal. Think sidewalks, driveways, or a quiet cul-de-sac. Make sure it’s a place where kids can play freely without any safety hazards.

Now, to make your obstacle course visually engaging and easy to follow, use different colored chalks. Each color can represent a different activity or direction, which helps in guiding the kids through the course. 

You can even use this to your advantage by giving it an educational twist as you can ask younger kids to follow specific colors, helping with their color recognition skills.

Now, you can do this any which way you want, but here are some obstacle course activities suggestions:

  • Make a wavy line for them to walk along.
obstacle course idea 1
  • Draw circles and have them “pop” the bubbles.
sidewalk chalk obstacle course idea 2
  • Have a series of lines for them to jump to.
  • Make them hop on one foot or the other. Or switch as they go.
  • Incorporate favorite animals. Stomp like a dino, hop like a bunny, pounce like a kitty.
Sidewalk chalk idea 3
  • Have a dance circle.
sidewalk chalk dance party
  • Make them walk backward.
  • Have them spin/twist in a circle.
  • Put a section where they must avoid stepping on the chalk drawings.

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Tips and Tricks

  • Use different colors to differentiate between activities.
  • Vary activities between easier and harder.
  • Leave the dance section til the end.
  • Write clearly so passing families can also partake.
  • Use at least five different activities to give kids a challenge.
  • Add to the challenge by timing their runs. They can work to beat their best time.
kids jumping outside

Once your kids get the hang of the basic course, you can amp up the challenge a bit. Introduce timed runs to turn it into a fun competition. See who can beat their best time or make it a friendly race among siblings or friends.

We’re all about making learning fun, right?

Another idea is to incorporate elements like counting jumps or identifying the correct letters written on the course. 

For instance, have spots where they need to shout out the letter ‘B’ or count how many blue circles they can hop on. It’s a great way to reinforce their knowledge in a playful setting.

Mom Tip: Especially with the little ones, supervision is key. Stay close enough to offer encouragement and ensure they’re playing safely, but also give them enough space to explore freely. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between being attentive and fostering independence.

Final Thoughts – Sidewalk Chalk Game

So, there you have it–a fun obstacle course for the kids to do this summer. It’s great to see that something as simple as a chalk course can turn into an afternoon full of laughs and learning. 

And it’s always a plus when play turns into not only supporting physical development but also encouraging creativity and problem-solving. Plus, as moms, it’s just so much fun to watch our kids navigate through a maze of their own creation!

I’d love to hear from you! Did you try making your own sidewalk chalk obstacle course? What fun ideas or great ideas did you include? Share your stories in the comments below! Also, if you’re looking for more creative and engaging activities, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. Let’s keep the fun rolling and the ideas flowing!


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