Easy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Craft for Preschoolers

Inside: An easy shamrock craft for preschoolers that will be fun, engaging, and help with fine motor skills! To make the craft even easier, I will provide you with a free shamrock template below!

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Craft for Preschoolers

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If you’re a parent looking for an easy and fun craft to do with your kiddos on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve got a good option for you. What better way to get the little ones involved in the festivities than with some themed crafts?

That’s why I created this simple shamrock craft that requires very few supplies.

This easy shamrock craft is good for younger kids but can be for older ones, too! Plus, for my preschool teachers out there, it’s a fantastic way for preschoolers to get creative and learn through play.

Oh, and to make this St. Patrick’s Day extra special, I’ve got a little something for you—a free shamrock outline template! It’s perfect for our finger painting adventure, making it super easy to get those shamrock shapes just right. You can download this template right here, ready for print.

You can reuse this shamrock shape for as many activities as you want! It’s a simple way to jump into fun shamrock crafts, ensuring a good time for your little artists.

Whether you’re planning a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft session or looking for engaging shamrock activities, this template’s got you covered.

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Shamrock Craft Supplies Needed

Ready to get started with this fun St. Patrick’s Day activity? You’ll be surprised by how simple it is to gather what you need.

Most of these supplies are probably already lying around your house, making this a super accessible craft.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • White Cardstock paper
  • Construction paper- any color
  • Paint – light green, dark green, and yellow
  • Painters tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Shamrock outline if you don’t want to freestyle draw (grab your free template here)

shamrock craft for preschoolers - Supplies

Shamrock Craft Step-by-Step Guide

Now, for the fun part!

Follow these easy steps to create your shamrock masterpiece:

Lay down some newspaper or a craft mat. This craft is all about having fun, not making a mess. I recommend taping the sides down with the painters tape, so nothing slips around.

Now that we have everything secure, we will start with tracing the free shamrock outline. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can draw your own though!

Shamrock Craft - Tracing

Cut out the Shamrock outline.

Cut Shamrock Outline

Once you have the outline cut out, take the painters tape and add some to one side of the shamrock. Press down on the white cardstock until it feels secure.

tape the shamrock


Pour paint colors onto a paper plate.

pour paint colors

Dip your little one’s fingers in paint and start dotting away on your shamrock. This is a great way to mix in some color recognition and fine motor skills practice.

finger paint the shamrock

If you really don’t want to go the finger paint route, you can also get little pom poms at your local craft store or off of Amazon, and have them dip the pom pom instead.

shamrock craft for preschoolers - painted

Once your shamrock is colored to perfection, cut it out and use your glue stick to adhere it to a piece of green paper for that final touch.

final shamrock

​And there you have it! Your kiddos just created some beautiful shamrocks that you can now display proudly on your fridge or around the house!

Crafting Tips: 

Embrace the mess (to a degree). This is all about sensory play and learning.

Tailor the activity to your child’s age. For older kids, consider introducing more complex patterns or adding elements like glitter, sponges, or tissue paper for texture.

This craft is not just a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; it’s a chance to engage in playful learning and create something cute together.

Benefits of Finger Painting for Preschoolers

You know, finger painting is more than just a fun activity for the little ones. Hear me out!

  • By having our kiddos fingerpaint, preschoolers aren’t just exploring their creativity; they’re boosting crucial skills. Fine motor skills get a workout as they learn to control their fingers to create shapes and lines. Also, they are learning hand-eye coordination, which is also super important!
  • Plus, it’s a colorful way to introduce color recognition, blending different hues to see what new colors they can make. Use it as an opportunity to talk about color!
  • It’s also a great sensory play project. It’s a fantastic method for children to explore textures and sensations, aiding in their sensory development.

As parents and educators, using finger painting as a teaching moment is an easy way to mix learning with creativity. It’s an opportunity to chat about colors, shapes, and even themes like St. Patrick’s Day, linking the craft to broader concepts, which I love!

shamrock craft for preschoolers

Easy Shamrock Craft

An easy shamrock craft for preschoolers that will be fun, engaging, and help with fine motor skills! 
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes


  • White Cardstock paper
  • Construction paper- any color
  • Paint light green, dark green, and yellow
  • Painters tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Shamrock outline if you don't want to freestyle draw Optional


  • Gather all your craft supplies.
  • Trace a Shamrock onto the construction paper, then cut it out.
  • Place a few pieces of painter's tape onto the back of the cutout shamrock, then stick it to the white cardstock paper to secure it.
  • Pour paint colors onto a paper plate.
  • Let kids dip their fingers into the paint, and dot all around the taped shamrock, completely covering the paper.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Once the paint is dry carefully pull the taped shamrock off the cardstock paper.
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Final Thoughts – Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activity

So, there you have it —  a fun and easy St Patrick’s Day shamrock craft. Paper crafts are always a hit with litlte ones, and also a great way to still get creative without breaking the bank.  The joy and pride in their eyes as they show off their shamrock art are priceless, a true testament to the magic of simple, fun activities.

These moments are what St. Patrick’s Day fun is all about—spending quality time and fostering creativity in kids of all ages.

Don’t let the creativity stop here! If you loved this fun St. Patrick’s Day craft, why not subscribe for more preschool-friendly craft ideas? And I’m all about community here, so please, share how your craft day went in the comments. Or maybe you have more fun ideas you would add to the list? I would love to hear all about it! 


Got any unique shamrock craft ideas or fun sensory play activities? Let’s hear them! Your insights could be the lucky charm for other families looking to add a dash of creativity to their celebrations. Let’s keep the spirit of playful learning alive, one craft at a time.


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